Hypnosis, subliminal and sleep learning recordings. 1000+ premade. Custom made with your suggestions. Guaranteed. Since 1981. FREE hypnosis spiral. Catalog.

Hypnosis, subliminal and sleep learning recordings since 1981.
1000+ premade and custom made with your suggestions.

1000+ titles refined since 1981. Using your suggestions and your music. Combines the power of hypnosis, subliminal and sleep learning into the STATE OF THE ART. FAR more effective than ordinary recordings, my recordings are the INVOCATION of a POST HYPNOTIC CUE. 100% money back. No hidden fees. No reason needed. 100% privacy in EVERY way. You will save money if you get the 4 STEP SYSTEM. The most practical book on hypnosis and self-hypnosis I am aware of. It has more than 200 applications clearly outlined.

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Complete 4 Step System
4 CDs or 4 mp3s recommended

Single Selections:
Sleep Learning




The combined (edited for effectiveness) suggestions for:



The cost is different from other titles.
The cost is $198 for the 4 Step System, $58 for one recording.

verbatim suggestions

"You play winning Poker. Your strategy is perfect. You naturally make the right play. You win at Poker, each time and every time you play. It is all so easy for you now. Anywhere, anyplace, each and every time. Your winning potential is unlimited. Money flows to you in great abundance. You win enormous amounts of money each and every time you play. You free the flow of creativity and release your creative power. Your creative capacity is unlimited. You are creative. Feel creative. Let your creativity flow. Your mind is powerful. You easily generate new ideas and new solutions. You combine your knowledge into new ideas and solutions. You are able to see current ideas in new, different and better ways. Your knowledge builds upon itself to create new knowledge. You combine your wisdom, experience and knowledge into powerful new ways. New ideas, thoughts and information flow through you easily, naturally, quickly, effortlessly and endlessly. You are open to your intuition and insight. Your mind is powerful. Your creativity in unlimited. I direct your subconscious mind to open your conscious mind to the power of your intuition. You are able to perceive, understand and wisely use your intuition. You are able to perceive and understand information beyond normal perception. You have the ability to perceive, understand and employ the full power of your intuition. When you relax, take a deep breath and exhale slowly you enter the zone. This effect is strong before you perform, stronger when you perform and strongest when needed most. When you enter the zone you perceive everything in slow motion and what is most important becomes clear and highly focused. You interact in a smooth, effortless and masterful way. When you enter the zone you feel total control and operate at peak performance with a natural ease of effort. This ability becomes more effective with each use and enables you to master whatever activity in which you engage because you are a winner. You are an excellent warrior. You are brave, dauntless and fearsome. You focus your mind on studying and mastering all aspects. Your strategy is perfect. You have a natural and intrinsic talent and skill. You naturally make the right moves. It is all so easy for you now. Your potential is unlimited. Success flows to you in great abundance. You are in control. Luck is always on your side. Your subconscious mind does all that is necessary and proper to achieve all of your goals now. Easily, effectively, efficiently, automatically, immediately".

These recordings have your subconscious mind
MASTER it for you.
read how



Also included on the Hypnotic recording:

Basic self-hypnosis.
Suggestion to cue the clearing,
subliminal and sleep learning recordings.
An opportunity for you to consciously give your
subconscious mind suggestion and visualization.
Safety suggestion. Verbatim: "My recordings will only work
in ways in which your conscious mind would approve."


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