Hypnosis, subliminal and sleep learning recordings. 1000+ premade. Custom made with your suggestions. Guaranteed. Since 1981. FREE hypnosis spiral. Catalog.

Hypnosis, subliminal and sleep learning recordings since 1981.
1000+ premade and custom made with your suggestions.

1000+ titles refined since 1981. Using your suggestions and your music. Combines the power of hypnosis, subliminal and sleep learning into the STATE OF THE ART. FAR more effective than ordinary recordings, my recordings are the INVOCATION of a POST HYPNOTIC CUE. 100% money back. No hidden fees. No reason needed. 100% privacy in EVERY way. You will save money if you get the 4 STEP SYSTEM. The most practical book on hypnosis and self-hypnosis I am aware of. It has more than 200 applications clearly outlined.

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Complete 4 Step System
(4 CDs or 4 mp3s)

Single Selections:  
Sleep Learning



verbatim suggestions

You listen to and follow your knowledge and wisdom to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You eat wisely, exercise regularly, and get the rest your body needs. You end unhealthy habits and develop healthy habits. You are living a long, healthy and active life because health is your hobby. You have a powerful motivation and desire to eat wisely and maintain a healthy well-balanced diet. You do not like, want or need to overeat so you stop overeating. You stop eating before you are full. You do not need to clean your plate. The old use of food for anything other than nutritional need is a thing of the past.   You see food as fuel for your body and an opportunity to nourish your body for optimum health and performance. You see your body as the vehicle of your life. And you treat it accordingly. You eat frequently, consuming small, well-balanced portions.  You keep your blood sugar stable and regulated.  You avoid high-sugar foods that disrupt your blood sugar levels.  You vary your diet, incorporating foods with a wide range flavors, textures, colors, and inherent nutrients.  You avoid ingesting, within any short period of time, high concentrations of caffeine, cholesterol, sodium, refined sugars, and foods where iodine or mercury may be present.  You intersperse such foods with others so that you may enjoy them at lower concentrations and from healthy sources.  You feel an immediate sense of energy and vitality when you consume low-cholesterol foods, low-sodium foods, caffeine free foods and beverages, unsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, nuts, lean meats and seafood, whole-grain carbohydrates, reduced fat dairy, soy-based products, fruits, non-sugar-added fruit juices, and leafy greens.  You drink water throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated.  You prefer water over any other beverage.  You also rotate other healthy drinks into your diet, such as milk, soy milk, hot chocolate, vegetable and fruit juices, and various decaffeinated teas.  You take vitamin and mineral supplements daily and absorb them easily within your body for maximum benefit. You listen to and follow your wisdom and knowledge. You make and take the time to eat wisely, purchase only healthy foods and order only healthy choices. <cue> You instantly ignore temptation and focus on your desire to reach and maintain your ideal weight and practice a healthy balanced diet.  You breathe out the old ways and breathe in an inner calm control. You are on course to becoming and maintaining your ideal weight. Looking good, feeling good, filled with energy and in control, because health is your hobby.

These recordings have your
subconscious mind overcome it.
read how

blank labels available for privacy

These recordings do not replace medical treatment



Also included on the Hypnotic recording:

Basic self-hypnosis.
Suggestion to cue the clearing,
subliminal and sleep learning recordings.
An opportunity for you to consciously give your
subconscious mind suggestion and visualization.
Safety suggestion. Verbatim: "My recordings will only work
in ways in which your conscious mind would approve."


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